Terms and Conditions

Times of Karachi relies on its reporters, networks in the journalism community and its readers to obtain news from different parts of Karachi.

·         In case of a story reported by a member of the team, a byline will be provided only if it is an exclusive article reported on by a team member.

·         When a reporter’s name is not given, the byline will say “Web Desk”.

·         In case of news curated from another news outlet, a link would always be provided to the original article along with mentioning the name of the organization where the original article appeared.

·         All videos produced by Times of Karachi will contain a watermark of the TOK logo to prevent plagiarism and unfair distribution.

·         Times of Karachi follows a policy of its reporters always staying behind camera. Video stories are compiled with only the source and other related footage. This applies to one-on-one interviews as well.

·         All CCTV footage shared as part of a news story will be credited to the source of the footage. The following format will be followed to give credits:

a.      Footage courtesy: [Name of Business/Resident | Location] [Date]. Eg: “Footage courtesy: United Bakery | Gulshan-e-Iqbal [01-12-2021]”

b.      This credit will appear on the video as well as the text of the social media post

– Topics

·         Times of Karachi will focus on giving coverage to local issues and concerns in different districts of Karachi, to give voice to those who are overlooked by large media organizations.

·         It will also cover new developments and projects launched in the city that tend to be missed by larger media organizations.

·         Times of Karachi does not carry opinion pieces, editorials or analysis.

       – Style guide

                 Times of Karachi publishes content in both Urdu and English.

·         Times of Karachi uses the Persian script for all its stories in Urdu. Where ever possible, simple vocabulary and short sentences will be used.

·         Times of Karachi uses British-style English for its stories in English. This means that all the stories, posts and subtitles on videos carry British spellings. Where ever possible, simple vocabulary and short sentences will be used.

·         For Facebook posts of news stories, the following style will be followed:

a.      Black background with image centred on the top, bordered by a white outline;

b.      TOK logo to be placed under the image and centred;

c.       Headline of the story in font “Aleo” size “30” or depending on size of headline.

d.      The bottom footer of the post will carry links to TOK Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp contact details.

e.      Eg:

·         For sponsored content and advertisements, the following will be practiced:

a.      All social media posts of sponsored content will clearly mention “Sponsored Content” on the text of the post.

b.      The byline for all sponsored articles will say “Sponsored Content”.