In a significant operation, the Sindh police successfully thwarted a major smuggling attempt in Karachi, seizing Indian gutka worth millions of rupees. The operation was conducted by the Gulshan-e-Maymar police station in District West, following a crucial tip-off.

Two individuals, identified as Hafeezullah and Ali Ahmed, were apprehended on the Northern Bypass during the operation. Upon searching the suspect's vehicle, authorities discovered 1,017 packets of Indian gutka concealed within 20 sacks.

A notable aspect of the operation was the uncovering of six counterfeit number plates (three pairs) in the vehicle, suggesting a sophisticated strategy employed by the accused to facilitate their illegal activities. The use of fraudulent number plates aimed at avoiding detection during smuggling operations was revealed.

The detained suspects have a history of engaging in criminal activities, with Ali Ahmed having been arrested previously for smuggling in Jamshoro and Nawabshah.

A formal case has been registered against the individuals, and further investigations are underway to delve deeper into their illegal activities. The police have also confiscated both the vehicle used in the smuggling attempt and the fake number plates.

This successful anti-smuggling operation aligns with efforts by law enforcement agencies to crack down on the illicit trade of harmful substances such as gutka, mawa, and mainpuri. In a proactive move earlier this year, then Sindh police chief Ghulam Nabi Memon directed the Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) chief to form a committee for interviewing oral cancer patients at hospitals, aiding in the identification and crackdown on vendors involved in the illegal trade of such substances.

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