Sindh's Minister of Food and Irrigation, Jam Khan Shoro, has issued a stark warning regarding the deteriorating water quality at Kotri Barrage in the Indus River, citing a surge in Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) leading to toxicity.

Expressing grave concern over the situation, Minister Shoro emphasized that the water at Kotri Barrage has become increasingly hazardous, posing a serious risk to the residents of Hyderabad. He cautioned that even boiling the water does not effectively purify it, highlighting the severity of the issue.

The minister's statements come amidst growing apprehension regarding water safety across the country, with reports indicating toxic levels in the water sources of 29 major cities. Moreover, concerns have been raised about the contamination of Karachi's sea view, rendering it unsafe for recreational activities.

Minister Shoro underscored the urgent need to address the escalating TDS levels in the water, emphasizing the potential dangers posed to public health. He noted that the excessive release of water from Sukkur Barrage is exacerbating the situation, highlighting the government's efforts to prevent any tragic incidents.

Referring to a past incident in 2005 where hundreds of deaths were attributed to water poisoning, Minister Shoro reiterated the importance of swift action to mitigate the current crisis. He urged authorities to prioritize water management strategies to safeguard public health and prevent any further casualties due to waterborne illnesses.

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