As Pakistan gears up for the upcoming Pakistan Super League (PSL) matches in Karachi, authorities have finalized a comprehensive security plan to ensure the safety and smooth conduct of the event.

Scheduled to run from February 28 to March 18, the PSL matches will see the deployment of 1000 commandos from the Special Security Unit (SSU) to oversee security operations. In addition to the SSU, traffic police, district police, and rangers will collaborate to maintain order and security during the matches.

Security officials have outlined that the deployment of commandos will cover key areas including stadiums, practice grounds, airports, routes, and other strategic locations. To facilitate spectators, the parking lot at China Ground has been designated for fans attending the matches.

Strict security protocols will be implemented at the stadiums, with gates opening three hours prior to each match. Attendees are required to carry their original ID cards for verification purposes.

With these robust security measures in place, authorities aim to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for players, officials, and spectators alike throughout the duration of the PSL matches in Karachi.

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