Karachi Police Chief's Claim of Reduced Street Crime Contradicted by Sindh Police Report

Police Chief, Khadim Hussain, recently made a claim to ARY News asserting a reduction in street crime in the city over the past year.

However, a report released by Karachi Police at the end of 2023 paints a different picture, indicating an increase in street crimes by approximately 11.11 percent in 2023 compared to the previous year.

According to data provided by the Karachi police for the year 2023, over 90,000 incidents of street crime were reported in the metropolis. Among these incidents, 134 citizens fell victim to brutal murders, while hundreds sustained injuries while resisting robberies. Additionally, 411 civilians lost their lives in various incidents.

The report further reveals alarming statistics, with more than 59,305 motorcycles and 2,336 cars stolen or snatched, and over 28,000 citizens deprived of their mobile phones due to theft or robbery. Moreover, two banks were robbed, and cases of kidnapping for ransom and extortion saw an increase, with 17 incidents of kidnapping and 50 cases of extortion reported in Karachi in 2023.

Comparatively, the street crime data for 2022 presented a troubling scenario, with over 81,000 incidents reported. The report for that year highlighted similar trends, with thousands of motorcycles, cars, and mobile phones stolen or snatched. Despite these figures, the data also revealed a concerning lack of progress in crime prevention and asset recovery efforts by the police department.

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