Karachi police have reported the arrest of a female suspect, identified as Fatima, allegedly involved in the illegal trafficking of newborns. The law enforcement authorities successfully recovered an infant from her possession during the operation.

According to details, Fatima, the arrested suspect, was reportedly engaged in the illicit trade of purchasing newborns from hospitals and various rural areas in Karachi. The Kharadar Police revealed that the rescued newborn was acquired by the suspect from a village near Thatta for Rs 200,000. Fatima had allegedly intended to sell the newborn upon reaching Karachi.

The police have initiated legal proceedings against Fatima, charging her with involvement in the trafficking of newborns. This arrest sheds light on the disturbing practice of illegal child trafficking, and authorities are likely to investigate further to dismantle any potential networks involved in such activities.

In a related incident last year, Peshawar police claimed the arrest of two suspects, including a woman, for their involvement in the kidnapping of a newborn from the Hayatabad Medical Complex. The police utilized CCTV footage to identify the accused, and DNA testing was conducted to ensure the safe return of the kidnapped infant to its parents. The incident highlights the ongoing efforts by law enforcement to address issues related to child abduction and trafficking in various regions.

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