In a concerning development, foreign media reports indicate that internet service worldwide may face disruptions following the cutting of four data cables in the Red Sea. Hong Kong-based HGC Global Communications has confirmed the incident, raising fears of widespread impacts on global connectivity.

The precise reason behind the cutting of the data cables remains unclear, as HGC Global Communications has not provided specific details. However, the company has assured that measures are being taken to reroute traffic routes in order to minimize disruption for customers and support affected businesses.

Foreign media sources suggest that the Red Sea may have been targeted by Houthi attackers, pointing to potential motives behind the incident. Approximately twenty-five percent of the data traffic passing through the Red Sea has been affected by the severed cables, indicating the scale of the disruption.

Countries across various regions, including Pakistan, India, and East African nations, are likely to experience the effects of the disrupted internet service. The simultaneous cutting of four cables is considered highly unusual, raising concerns about the coordinated nature of the attack.

Pranesh Pidayashi, Chief Digital Officer of CCom, has emphasized the challenges in repairing the cables, noting that obtaining a permit from Yemeni Maritime authorities could take up to eight weeks. Despite this delay, efforts are underway to adjust traffic routes and mitigate the impact on global connectivity until the cables are repaired.

The incident underscores the vulnerability of critical internet infrastructure and highlights the need for enhanced security measures to safeguard against such disruptions in the future. As authorities work to address the situation, businesses and individuals are urged to remain vigilant and prepare for potential disruptions to internet services.

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