The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) inquiry committee has concluded its investigation into alleged overbilling by electricity companies, revealing the issuance of average bills and billing periods extending beyond 30 days. The findings have prompted NEPRA to initiate legal action against all power providers, including the prominent entity, K Electric.

The investigation highlighted a widespread practice where electricity companies sent average bills, affecting hundreds of thousands of consumers. The companies resorted to billing periods exceeding the standard 30 days, attributing the issue to the delayed replacement of faulty meters. The NEPRA report underscored that these actions were deliberate malpractices employed by electricity companies to conceal their inefficiencies. Consequently, low-power consumers received disproportionately high bills due to the companies' shortcomings.

NEPRA, in response to the investigation's outcomes, has issued notices to electricity companies, demanding explanations for their practices and instructing them to replace faulty meters within a 30-day timeframe. The report emphasizes the urgency of rectifying erroneous bills and warns of consequences if companies fail to comply within the stipulated timeframe.

Furthermore, the regulatory authority has specifically addressed K Electric, issuing a notice for non-compliance with meter replacement policies. NEPRA seeks an explanation from K Electric regarding the matter and has set a final deadline for the prompt replacement of faulty meters and correction of billing inaccuracies. Failure to adhere to the directives within the specified timeframe will result in legal actions against the companies involved, as outlined in NEPRA's official statement.

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